Creating a Corporate GHG Inventory

Altruistiq's core emissions accounting methodology document. This document outlines how we calculate your emissions and how this aligns to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

About the Methodology

This white paper offers a comprehensive deep dive into the methodology used for us to calculate a full GHG Inventory, including Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions across your value chain. 

GHG Inventory Process Insight 

AQ sustainability specialists guide you through the process of building a GHG Inventory with supportive and insightful content. 

Understand your Emission Breakdown

Learn how each of your business activity's emissions are calculated through comprehensible and insight driven modules. 

GHG Protocol and Beyond

Get to grips with the GHG Protocol and AQ's business intuitive methodology to a granular level to achieve a holistic view of the carbon accounting space.