Impact Intelligence

Master sustainability with Altruistiq and learn about what matters through a collection of expertly guided educational resources. 
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Solve your most pressing sustainability challenges

The Altruistiq Academy is a dedicated knowledge platform for business executives and sustainability practitioners, designed to:

Empower enterprises

on their sustainability transitions with point-of-need education on critical topics from emissions accounting to regulatory reporting

Accelerate practical implementation

 of accurate data-driven solutions to measuring, managing and reporting on sustainability impact

Drive behaviour change

from the C-level to the shop, farm or warehouse floor, enabling decision makers to factor in sustainability at every step

Discover four types of learning materials

Created by sustainability insiders and experts for point of need learning:

Deep dives

Comprehensive deep dives and self-paced courses to develop certified expertise 

Quick reads

Introductory quick reads on key sustainability topics and FAQs to help you make the most of the Altruistiq platform

Curated News

Curated sustainability business news, keeping you up to date with the latest trends - from regulations to M&A

On-demand webinars

On-demand webinars focussed on business critical sustainability topics for your organisation

Deep Dives

A library of sustainability deep dives, methodologies and courses at your fingertips. 

Sustainability Primers

Quick reads on key sustainability topics and concepts.
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Altruistiq's Activities Methodology for Emissions Accounting

There are four core reasons for using an Activity-led emissions measurement methodology.
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Using Intensity Metrics

How intensity metrics can help inform your business sustainability decisions, make your climate reporting comparable and add transparency to your stakeholder communications.
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Breaking down Scopes 1, 2 and 3

What they are and why they are critical for target setting and reporting.
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Trusted by the world's largest companies 

Altruistiq’s software solution enables large, 
complex enterprises to automate sustainability 
data measurement, management and exchange - with unparalleled accuracy and ease.

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